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3D Animation Studio

We are a 3D animation studio based in Auckland, New Zealand. We specialise in 3D animation for brands that want to stand out.
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"Their level of detail, creativity, and quality were world-class."
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3D Animation Studio
Beauty Product Animation
3D Particle Animation
Channel Rebrand Animation
3D Product Visualisation
3D Animation Studio

3D Animation Studio for Branding

We create unique brand videos to grab attention. There are no limits to what you can achieve with 3D animation. At our 3D animation studio, we can craft a piece of work to show off your brand in new and exciting ways. We’ll elevate your brand in ways that are only possible with animation.
3D Animation Studio

3D Animation for Product Visualisation

Show off your product in new and exciting ways. We take product visualisation to the next level so that you can stand out from the crowd.
3D Animation Studio Beauty Product Animation

A 3D Animation Studio that's Pixel Perfect on Any Platform

From big screens to little screens and the ones in between. We’ll craft a 3D animation to grab attention and get eyes on your brand. We’ll make sure your brand shines whether it’s on social media, a huge cinema screen or out-of-home advertising.
Channel Branding

Initial Creative Process

What’s the Big Idea?

Here’s where we’ll come up with a creative concept tailored to your specific needs and with your budget in mind. We’ll provide professional script writing if you don’t already have a script.

Storyboard and Animatic

We’ll explain the animation in a clear storyboard for you to review. Then stills from the storyboard are used to create an animatic with a guide voiceover if applicable. This gives us a better understanding of the timing of the animation.

The Look

We'll provide style frames to show the look and feel of key scenes. By this stage we’ll all have a clear idea of what the finished animation will look like.

Production Process

Initial Setup

We'll build the assets, environments and VFX elements to be animated.

Let's Animate

Here's where we’ll bring everything together into an exciting animation.

Final Touches

The animation is ready to render. Then it’s onto editing and colour grading so we can finesse timings and get the colours just right. Once timings are finalised, we’ll add professional audio to compliment the animation. This can include voiceover, music licensing and sound design.

It’s a Wrap

We’ll export the animation and share it with you for review online.
3D Animation Studio
Our 3D animation studio is a friendly bunch. Get in touch to talk about your next project. Or just say hi.
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