This is a piece that we created for a fictional beauty product. We wanted to showcase our ability to create a fully formed ad for a natural beauty product that also functions as a beautiful short piece of animation. The result is a realistic 3D animation that shows what we can create at Motion Jelly.
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Beauty in Nature

Early on, we landed on the concept of showing off the beauty product in nature. We love natural products and brands that realise the importance of preserving our precious natural environment. The contrast of the man-made product and the natural forest scene really helps the product stand out, but also brings into question the relationship between the two. It’s a bold statement of the brand’s pledge to preserve nature by making ethical decisions throughout the production and distribution process.
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Behind the Scenes

We used a 3D model of the product, which we modelled and textured in-house. Then we created the 3D forest environment to show off the product. We brought it all to life with animation, giving the plants a subtle movement. Then comes the finishing touches: lighting, rendering, colour grading and audio design. And there you have it. A beautiful product visualisation for a beautiful product. Check out the Making-Of video to see some of the 3D process that went into creating this piece.

The Benefits of 3D Animation

With 3D animation, the possibilities are endless. You aren’t restricted by what you can physically capture with a real camera, so you can show off your product in unique and eye-catching ways. The only restriction is your imagination. At Motion Jelly, we’ll happily come up with an original way to advertise your product or we’ll help to bring your ideas to life. Because we think that beautiful products and packaging deserve beautiful advertising.
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