Beautiful Beauty Products

At Motion Jelly, we love working with beauty brands big and small to show off their products. We think that beautiful products and packaging deserve beautiful advertising. So that’s what we do. Using 3D versions of beauty products, we build bespoke 3D environments that complement and highlight the product. And of course, we make sure the end product is an engaging and eye-catching ad.
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Stand Out from the Crowd

Why rely on traditional photography or filmed advertising? With 3D product visualisation, you are no longer restricted to what you can physically capture in a studio in the limited time you have to shoot the product. The possibilities are endless with 3D animation. Want your product floating through the clouds? Would you like to see your product in a magical underwater scene? We’ll bring the magic. If you can imagine it, we can create it. Whether you are in the early stages or you have a fully formed idea, we’ll walk you through every step of the way. From initial ideas through to the finished ad and everything in between.
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Behind the Scenes

First up, we’ll work closely with you to come up with the overall concept. We’ll sketch out how best to show off your product. We’ll make sure to highlight any specific benefits and ingredients to help sell your beauty product. Once we’ve got the killer idea, we’ll get to work on a 3D model of your product, which we can create and texture in-house. Then we’ll create the 3D environment that best shows off your product. We’ll bring everything to life with animation. Then comes the finishing touches: lighting, rendering, colour grading and audio design. And voi​là. A beautiful product visualisation befitting a beautiful product.

That’s it

So why would you pick up an actual camera again? Ok, maybe that’s taking things a little far, but if you want to create a beautiful ad to show off your beauty product, we’d love to help with that.
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