3D Product Visualisation
3D Product Visualisation
3D Product Visualisation
3D Product Visualisation
3D Product Visualisation
Product Visualisation

Bose x House
of the Dragon

We worked with Bose to create a social ad in collaboration with HBO’s House of the Dragon ahead of the show’s launch.

The Brief

The task was to position the Bose Soundbar 900 as the most powerful and immersive way to experience the story of the House Targaryen. The product visualisation had to be beautiful, accurate and photo realistic. It was important for us to showcase the product visualisations in ways that would only be possible with 3D animation. We wanted to really show-off the benefit of 3D product visualisation over traditional photography or filmed footage of products.
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The Solution

Early on, we landed on the idea of transforming a living room space into a medieval room that felt like it was a part of the Game of Thrones world. This was a great way to visualise an immersive experience where you can get lost in a world of swords and dragons. Our ad would feature footage from House of the Dragon, so it was important that our Bose product visualisations matched the quality and feel of the clips from the show. We used fiery embers and rough stone textures that felt like they were straight out of Westeros. The rough stone texture had the added benefit of contrasting the smooth reflective surfaces of the Bose product renders and really made the product stand out. We made the most of the beautiful reflective glass top on the soundbar to reflect the epic House of the Dragon footage.
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Let's wrap it up

We brought the Bose logo into the House of the Dragon world too and matched it to the show’s title treatment. The result was a seamless and beautiful endboard to reflect the collaboration with HBO’s House of the Dragon. The fiery embers and warm reflections in the logos was a great way to end the ad.
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Creative Director - Sean Kothe
Animator - Florian Thamer
Animator - Shaun Madgwick
Colour Grading - Peter Ritchie
Script Writer - Scott Kelly
Audio Post Production - Liquid Studios
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