We Love Particles

At Motion Jelly, we love particles. Big or small, glowing or glittery, we love them all. If an animation is in need of that extra something, we’ll throw a glitter bomb in there or let off some fireworks to make sure we have your attention. If it’s particles you want, we’ve got a drawer full of them.
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Fun with Particles

The possibilities are endless with particle animation. Particle animation is the basis for smoke and fire simulation as well as fluid simulation. VFX elements will almost always be built with particle simulations of some kind. Whether you’re aiming for realism or you’d prefer something more abstract and magical, particles will quickly set the tone and give life to your animation.
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Let's Get Technical

Don’t tell anyone, but it’s not really magic. Particle animation is a way to get large numbers of particles to move in a certain way by setting constraints and effectors. These tell the particles how to move and interact with other particles and the scene around them. Then, we like to add a bit of randomness to make it look like the particles have some free will. Once we’ve got the particle animation moving just right, we can tell the particles what to look like. They could each be a piece of popcorn, a speck of dust or a magical spark. Or glitter. Did we mention glitter?
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How Do You Like Your Particles?

Do you want us to form your logo out of particles? Or do you want realistic condensation dripping down a product visualisation for your new soft drink? Do you need a flock of butterflies to entice your audience? Or do you want us to just mail you an envelope full of glitter? If you can think of it, we can probably make it with particles because we love particle animation.
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